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  • IXC Billing Wholesale Most accurate real-time billing of postpaid and prepaid calls
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  • IXC Route Autotester Fully automated testing of multiple VoIP wholesale routes
  • Lucksi Gateway E1/T1 PSTN VoIP gateway cheaper than open source products
  • IXC Radius Aggregator • Solves the issue of calls limitations • Collect packages from all Softswitches and distributes them evenly between the existing billings • You can work with as many billings as you need • Can be sold either in unlimited version or based on the number of ports
  • IXC Softswitch Light Light variant of our softswitch developed to meet wholesales companies requirements. It is based on OS X applications, stable and simple.


Session Border Controller


IXC Session Boarder Controller is an element of IP network architecture, which most fully approaches IXC VoIP Softswitch to clients that provide IP real time services. IXC SBC helps creating centralized solution in geographically distributed networks. A central element in such the network is IXC Softswitch and Regional SBC’s are connected to the central unit and perform functions of routing and statistics collection.

IXC Session Boarder Controller includes the means for internet-channel monitoring and load control. This leads to more efficient use of internet-channels. In addition, IXC SBC ensures maximum fault-tolerance due to flexible distribution of routs.

Using IXC Session Border Controller enables load distribution as main load is transferred to regional access points, without negative influence of internet-channels. SBC is an intellectual network object, which is capable of performing all functions of protocol conversion and smoothing in the cases when it is needed. 


SBC Functions:

  • Collection of regional traffic and transmission to central SS;

  • Traffic routing between regional clients without addressing to a central SS.

    • Controlling the level of internet-channel loading;

    • Maximum fault-tolerance due to flexible distribution of reserve routs.

    • Codec conversion;

    • Buffering changing;

    • IE conversion.

    • Enhanced opportunities for mobile users;

    • Possibility of transparent interaction between branches with the use of remote transmission of call cost during each call.

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