Radius Billing

Radius Billing Solution for RADIUS-based devices

Radius billing module is included in IXC Prepaid package. You can use billing for calls routed to service providers, as well as check CDRs.

Features of Radius billing (part of Prepaid Calling Card Platform):

  •     Statistics collection from AAA Radius compatible devices;
  •     Processing of collected data depending on settings for traffic distribution by companies and branches;
  •     Call tariffing based on tariff rules of the company (branch);
  •     Viewing statistics for any period of time with different variants of statistical treatment;
  •     Call tariff recalculation for any period with new prices in case of backward tariff changes;
  •     CDRs generation;
  •     Access to statistics for partner companies;
  •     System of active monitoring by the means of comparison of statistic characteristics (ASR, ACD, traffic volume).

Operating system: FreeBSD

In addition to this product you can also use our IVR prepaid solution.

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