IXC Softswitch

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IXC Softwitch is a high performance scalable Class 4 VoIP Softswitch solution with user friendly GUI web interface, which enables secure large VoIP traffic flow over various IP networks. While interconnecting multiple VoIP networks, IXC Softswitch ensures hiding of client and operator network topology.

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IXC Softsiwtch supports interworking and transparent translation of SIP and H.323 protocols with further normalization, as well as all types of media codecs. T.38 fax passing through is available.

IXC Softswitch can be used as Radius Client in VoIP architecture and thus it ensures easy integration by radius authentication with any existing VoIP billing system.

IXC is a highly scalable solution offering fault tolerance and redundancy. Thousands of concurrent calls can be supported. Moreover, system can be extended without service interruption.

Troubleshooting system provides with possibility to see the softswitch service information and trace calls directly from web interface.


IXC system can handle calls in signaling or full proxy mode, it allows carriers to choose necessary proxy mode for VoIP gateways (Lucksi media PSTN Gateway) and/or destinations.


IXC Softswitch can be bought and installed into the client's server, but also we are offering the hosted softswitch for a rent to our small customers.