• IXC Softswitch Carrier-grade prepaid/post-paid routing and billing solution that meets all key requirements of the current VoIP market.
  • Hosted Softswitch and VoIP Billing Solutions Low Cost Hosting & Billing Solutions for VoIP business
  • IXC Billing Wholesale Most accurate real-time billing of postpaid and prepaid calls
  • IXC Billing Retail • IXC VoIP Retail Solution • Mobile VoIP Dialer for iOS & Android
  • IXC Route Autotester Fully automated testing of multiple VoIP wholesale routes
  • Lucksi Gateway E1/T1 PSTN VoIP gateway cheaper than open source products
  • IXC Radius Aggregator • Solves the issue of calls limitations • Collect packages from all Softswitches and distributes them evenly between the existing billings • You can work with as many billings as you need • Can be sold either in unlimited version or based on the number of ports
  • IXC Softswitch Light Light variant of our softswitch developed to meet wholesales companies requirements. It is based on OS X applications, stable and simple.


IXC VoIP Billing provides dynamic and very flexible quality routing mechanism based on such parameters as ASR, ACD, PDD, profit and others. The System not only sorts providers out according to their quality values but also takes into account minimum acceptable quality parameters for your customer.


Routing can be easily customized and one can set own routing rules by easily combining them with system via XML-RPC.


IXC System has a hunting function, so in case if the first operator from the routing tree can’t route a call, it will be automatically switched to the second operator, third operator and so on until the call is routed to the destination address.


IXC VoIP Billing will route calls based on profit thus ensuring the best deal on VoIP traffic. Even if there is a mistake in configuration of route or destination rate, the system will not pass through unprofitable calls. Moreover absolute or percentage of income per client can be set and the system will rout calls only to those terminators who give preset level of income.


Call Routing Based on:

  • Minute cost (Least Cost Routing);

  • Predefined level of income;

  • Quality (ASR, ACD and PDD);

  • Day of week/time of day;

  • Accessibility of Equipment;

  • Total value of terminator;

  • Called party number;

  • Technical prefix;

  • The number of the calling/called party;

  • External routing rules (based on C++ plugins).

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