VoIP Billing for Wholesale

IXC VoIP Billing Wholesale Solution

Innovative IXC VoIP Billing for Wholesale services ensures most accurate real time billing of postpaid and prepaid calls. It can work with softswitch of any vendor and can be easily integrated into existing architecture.

With IXC VoIP Billing one can easily view online statistics of calls, generate invoices, control service quality, monitor profitability of calls and credit limits.

Intelligent routing system based on ASR, ACD, PDD, profit and others can be easily customized for each client and thus new routing rules can be added.

The ability of time zones selection while CDR generation enables working with client, that are situated in different time zones.

Quality of service is necessary thing for growing business today, therefore we developed Autotester utility with integrated FAS detection. It help to identify vendors who mix normal calls with FAS.

IXC VoIP Billing for Wholesale include very strong permission system. It is based on permissions for different types of duties, and can be set personally for each user.

IXC VoIP Billing will double your profit as you can set the system route calls at predetermined level of income.

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  • Multiple Routing Mechanisms;
  • Individual profit based routing policies;
  • Real Time CDR’s;
  • Export of CDRs in CSV format;
  • Call credit limit control;
  • Invoice Generation;
  • Automatic balance check-up and blocking mechanism;
  • Easy routing setup and management;
  • Routing setting check-up utility;
  • Capacity management by lines limitation;
  • Multi currency support;
  • Financial and Traffic Reporting Utilities;
  • RADIUS based integration with third party routing systems;
  • Pick and off-pick rating;
  • Multiple monitors of system performance;
  • FAS detection utility.

If you need more advanced product please follow VOIP Softswitch 4 class