• IXC Softswitch Carrier-grade prepaid/post-paid routing and billing solution that meets all key requirements of the current VoIP market.
  • Hosted Softswitch and VoIP Billing Solutions Low Cost Hosting & Billing Solutions for VoIP business
  • IXC Billing Wholesale Most accurate real-time billing of postpaid and prepaid calls
  • IXC Billing Retail • IXC VoIP Retail Solution • Mobile VoIP Dialer for iOS & Android
  • IXC Route Autotester Fully automated testing of multiple VoIP wholesale routes
  • Lucksi Gateway E1/T1 PSTN VoIP gateway cheaper than open source products
  • IXC Radius Aggregator • Solves the issue of calls limitations • Collect packages from all Softswitches and distributes them evenly between the existing billings • You can work with as many billings as you need • Can be sold either in unlimited version or based on the number of ports
  • IXC Softswitch Light Light variant of our softswitch developed to meet wholesales companies requirements. It is based on OS X applications, stable and simple.

IXC Billing Retail

IXC Billing Retail - Prepaid Calling Card Platform

IXC Prepaid Calling Card Platform for prepaid services for making calls from computer.


IXC Prepaid Calling Card Platform’s functionality (Prepaid module):

  • support of different types of cards: cards with different tariffs, prefixes, access points;
  • changing price and tarrifing possibility;
  • commission fees support depending on card type, call duration;
  • flexible tariffing;
  • sip dialer support (voip dialer, voip softphone);
  • support of SIP clients and сonnecting end users using SIP devices;
  • support of mobile voip users through mobile dialers.

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