Importance of Softswitch VoIP Technology Properly

To Understand the Importance of Softswitch VoIP Technology Properly

Introduction to Softswitch technology:

In the field of the telecommunication industry, there have been too many innovations in the recent years. One of the greatest and most important developments has taken place, which is named as Softswitch software application. The advances and enhancement that have taken place in this field are responsible for changing the entire dynamics of telecom industry. To appreciate as well as comprehend the revolution that has occurred in telecom industries, it will make it easier for you by understand some of its basics.

Understanding the Softswitch and VoIP technology:

The technology of the Voice over Internet Protocol, in short known as VoIP, involves conversion of the voice signal communication into the digital IP packets. These Internet Protocol packets are then sent to their desired destination via the internet. Due to such flexibility and low cost of the system, this technology is advancing rapidly across the globe.

A Softswitch is supported by the dedicated software and is specifically positioned with calling network. The main job of Softswitch is to connect a single or multiple phone call lines from one specific number to others. Previously, this particular function was performed by the help of hardware along with physical routing switches.

Basically, the main job of a Softswitch is to manage the connection, which is present at the junction of the circuit and packet networks. Now, in order to fulfil the job completely and accurately, a combination device is used, which contains both, the switching logic as well as switching fabric.

In the modern technology, a Call Agent and Media PSTN Gateway are utilized. The Media VoIP Gateway connects the digital media stream, so as to complete creating the path for voice as well as data media. It includes the interface for connecting the standard PSTN networks with the ATM and Inter Protocol networks. The Ethernet interfaces are also included in the modern systems, which are specially designed to link calls that are passed via the VoIP.

The facility provided by the Call Agent includes call signalling, billing, call services, call routing and many more. Call Agent has the potential to control the Media Gateways over TCP and IP system in various geographic locations.


To make it much clearer for you, with the innovation of Softswitch technology the telecommunication have undergone a complete makeover. These changes have not only been of great help, but also assisted in successfully achieving their long and short term goals.

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