Digest 14 | 2013-09-02

IXC Digest #14


 Short News about IXC Softswitch developments and modifications.


 IXC Team care about your VoIP Business.



Profit Report Top Destinations Report
    Active Calls

Profit Report

Get information visualized! IXC Team of developers has made total modification in Profit Reports. Now IXC users can get the most accurate visual information about profit dynamics of the business as Profit Report is supplemented with instant graphs.

Softswitch core is now stable!

 Get every-minute benefit from flexibility of IXC Softswitch!


    Top Destination Report

More options in IXC! IXC has added top destinations report so that IXC users could get more benefits from using IXC Softswitch. It is available with various criteria, which provides users with more opportunities for efficient analysis.


Easy and convenient Web Configuration of IXC Softswitch

Flexible management of IXC Softswitch! User friendly interface, which reflects the needs of all customers! 


 Active Calls

Useful information on the Main Page! The Main Page of IXC web interface provides the most important information about essential data of successful VoIP business. From now on it also displays the overall information about Active Calls. 


Route tester system is optimized

To get free demo of the system, please contact our sales department. Free trial is available!

Read about softswitch hosting solution.



Active calls and CPU Graphs